Leading people to better life

The pioneer in providing youth employment , quality education and affordable healthcare is all set to become the leader of the masses. The man of such humble beginings and unparalleled dedication will be a perfect choice for the people’s dreams to come true. He announced his entry into Politics in January 2014. In March 2014 he joined the Telugu Desam Party ( TDP).

Featured Events

  • His contribution to education

    With his experience and committed Vision & Mission, he ventured into higher education by establishing one MCA college at Suraram village in 2001 and three Engineering colleges one each...
  • Healthcity

    With an aim of providing affordable medical services to the poor and needy, a hospital with a capacity of 750 beds was established in the year 2008 in Suraram...
  • Philosophy

    The philosophy of Mr. Malla Reddy is that education is not all about studying, all round development is a must.  Extracurricular activities should be encouraged to bring out the...